About Me/My Tools


My name is Hector.


Graphic design has been a hobby of mine for last 7 years, and I would like to take this to the next level.

I can’t look at any printed object without figuring out how the Designer put it together.

I come from an ARTISTIC background, playing multiple instruments, performing in front of live audiences , writing music for multiple band positions, free hand drawing , trace drawing, and acrylic painting.

I feel that with the right guidance and professional surroundings, i could successfully excel in the career of my dreams.


81IWLi26n3L._SL1500_ Adobe-Photoshop-Logo ai.png dreamweaver-box-logo manga5J001-13000_phgallery01_rt_gl_3754738 k20d-950



2 thoughts on “About Me/My Tools

  1. Hey Hector! I saw the logo of the Cardinal you drew. I have a fan page for Arizona Cardinals fans and I am interested in your design. Would you mind if i used it?

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